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Epistemology of Logic 

Logic-Dialectic or Theory of Knowledge

By the Greek logician Philosopher Author

 Epameinondas Xenopoulos 

Welcome to the website of Epameinondas Xenopoulos,

the Greek scientist of  the Epistemology of  the Logic

and Marxist logician philosopher

On the website you will find information about his scientific and translational work, as well as his research approaches and interests.

His unique approaches and studies on spirituality and in particular his performance on extremely difficult issues of Philosophy, are what characterize the Marxist philosopher

Epameinondas Xenopoulos.


Epameinondas Xenopoulos

Epameinondas Xenopoulos


Epistemology of Logic

Logic-Dialectic or Theory of Knowledge

Α study that deeply examines the dialectical course of thought, with an emphasis on the connection between epistemology, logic, and dialectics, through the method of dialectical materialism. This work is characterized by originality and vitality, making it interesting for thinkers engaged with these issues. The exceptional difficulty of the topic suggests a profound and comprehensive approach to the subject, which is expected to offer significant knowledge and ideas in this particular field of philosophical thought.

The main issue  examining is how logic, with its formal-dialectical and dynamic-dialectical structures, can be used for the comprehensive development of knowledge and science.


The basic idea is that logic should not be limited to formal structures, but should also include dynamic-dialectical structures, in order to accurately express the full content of propositions. Only in this way, according to Marx's views, will science be able to develop fully, as it will be expressed in the mathematical structures of thought.


Therefore, the proposal is to attempt to formalize the dynamic-dialectical structures of thought, so that logic can acquire the precision of formal structures and at the same time the depth and completeness of dynamic-dialectical structures. In this way, logic will be able to become the appropriate tool for the comprehensive development of scientific knowledge


-By DIM.SAPRANIDIS ef. "SUNDAY EXCURSION" 24-2-1980 "The Dialectic of Consciousness"

-Costas I. Tsaousis newspaper "Eleftherotypia" December 28, 1979 EP.XENOPOULOU "The Dialectic of Consciousness"

-THE BOOK REVIEW (Weekly Newspaper "ANENDOTOS July 3, 1980) By Manolis Gialourakis ΕΠ.ΞΕΝΟΠΟΥΛΟΣ. "The Dialectic of Consciousness" study

-By Eugene TITOV
(graduate - Department of Informatics Engineering of the Hellenic Mediterranean University (EL.ME.PA.)

 "Epistemology of Logic"

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