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Epameinondas Xenopoulos

His History

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Epaminondas Xenopoulos-Tyrokomos (Constantinople 1918 - May 5, 1994) was a Greek Marxist philosopher, writer, translator and professional printer.
Epaminondas Xenopoulos-Tyrokomos was born in Constantinople in 1920. He studied French and graduated in 1937 from the Leonteios Lyceum of Athens (FRERES MARISTES). Professionally a typist (1940), he worked from the age of sixteen as a typesetter typist, practicing the profession for 40 years honestly and conscientiously.

During the German Occupation, he was a fighter and rebel in EAM-ELAS. He was organized in the EAM of Paleas Kokkinias in January 1942. In June 1943 he was hired by SEK (Hellenic State Railways) in the engine room of Rentis as an administrative employee and transferred to EAM SEK. In December 1943 he was assigned to the ELAS of the Rentis engine room in III of the sixth 6th Independent Regiment of Piraeus with the military commander Major Kyvelos and Captain Nikandros Kepesis. In 1948 he was sent to the disgrace of our civilization, to the earthly hell of Makronissos where he was held for two (2) years.


He was a speaker at the humanities studies seminars at the "DIMITRIS GLINOS" Cultural Center, editor of the editions of the political and economic magazine "EREYNA" by the founder Yiannis N. Vistakis, collaborator of the literary magazine "IOLKOS", columnist at the magazine "COMMUNISTIC REVIEW" member of the Editors of Hellinikon Press, the Society of Greek Writers and a member of the Panhellenic Union of National Resistance Fighters (PEAEA).
He died on May 5, 1994


His Books

1994. Epistemology OF LOGIC. A study with a unique approach to the theory of knowledge, for the world bibliography, the dialectical course of thought from its logical side and the future form that its dialectical structures will take, in the indivisible unit of epistemology, logic and dialectic, with the "method of dialectical materialism "A heavy work on an extremely difficult subject is possessed by originality and liveliness that captivates every restless thinker from the first lines

Τhe Epistemology of Logic has been registered in BIBLIONET (bibliographic data base under the responsibility of the Hellenic Culture Foundation (in collaboration, since 2018, with the General Secretariat of Contemporary Culture/Digital Reading Department of the Ministry of Culture and Sports). Its website [www

1979. The Dialectic OF CONSCIENCE. Project versatile, sociological, anthropological and psychological, which shows the evolution of the development of human consciousness, the first elements of the animal proanthropino as the Homo Sapiens and the final shape of the philosophical thought.
1969. HISTORY OF DIALEKTIKIS (From Plato to Kant III). Work is also typical for a thorough, clear and continuous evolution of philosophical thought, as the final shape of the Marxist Dialectic.

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His Translations

Here is the translation work is also very serious and always within the field of social philosoph

1) John C. Alexandrof. THE PHILOSOPHY OF ANCIENT GREEK SOCIETY (ed. New Course, Athens 1964)
2) I.Ey. THE CONSCIOUSNESS (ed. Germany. Anagnostidis) 1968 Paris
3) Pierre Joseph Prοudhon. THE PHILOSOPHY OF ATHLIOTITAS (ed. Germany. Anagnostidis)
4) Septoulin. THE CATEGORIES AND LAWS OF DIALEKTIKIS (ed. Germany. Anagnostidis 1983)
5) Leontief. THE FUTURE OF HUMAN SOCIETY (ed. Germany. Anagnostidis)
6) Leontief. The activity, PERSONALITY, AWARENESS (ed. Germany. Anagnostidis)
7) Karl Jung.TO PHILOSOPHICAL Trees. (Ed. Germany. Anagnostidis)
8) E.Tchazov.L.Iline.A.Gouskova. NUCLEAR WAR (The biological effects on humans) (Pubs Germany. Anagnostidis

Epaminondas Xenopoulos died in Athens in 1994

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